Rethink and prepare your future according to your convictions.

Our mission is to find rare real estate opportunities suited to you.

Waiting for politicians or multi national CEOs to take over to change the world to a better world is illusory. The only possible change is to aspire to achieve your dreams and take action.

When we meet an entrepreneur, a family, we engage in a story, a story, we retrace a period, a life to talk about the future and build a future that looks like you. Because each story is unique, it deserves tailor-made support.

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Real Estate Investment Advice, Wealth Management, Private Equity

At the crossroads of finance and real estate, ARQX Capital Immo offers a wide range of "tailor-made" services with a common objective: the long-term conservation of assets and the increase of capital for future generations. Focused on your personal development, our personalized advice and our investment philosophy are based on trust and a long-term vision.

Real estate investment professionals, we make every effort to allow our investor clients and wealthy individuals to organize their financial situation and invest in the best possible conditions.

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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Benjamin Franklin


A big offer

We analyze the market offers to give you access to a wide range of financial and real estate products among the most innovative and efficient on the market. We work with companies and teams ready to live the adventure of the association for the long term.

Personal advice

Recognized by our customers for the quality of our commitment, we assure you of regular discussions in order to adapt our recommendations to your goals, your situation, your experience and your investing temperament.

Aligned Interests

Our entire business model is based on a permanent alignment of interests between investors, management teams and us. ARQX Capital and its team invested in the companies financed.