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Nicolas Treand Président

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Dr Jonathan Curci

Directeur Juridique & Compliance

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Our values

  • The customer is our reason for being
  • Our expertise: you are supported by passionate specialists
  • We are solution oriented, they are tailor-made and personalized
  • Trust is the basis of all our relationships
  • Our independence guarantees you an open architecture

Banks display the promise of offering personalized and tailored service to their customers. The means at their disposal are potentially important, but the result is often disappointing.

Our Mission

We have chosen to exercise the profession of consultancy and have chosen to exercise it independently, to freely decide on suitable solutions for our clients. Being an independent Wealth Management Advisor means that we are neither a bank, an insurance company, a management company, nor a property developer, and that no group exercising these different trades is present in the capital and cannot influence the free exercise of our consultancy activity.

We remain free and flexible, able to move quickly and easily from one solution to another. Our positioning allows us to work in good intelligence with all these players, and to establish many partnerships that allow us to offer our customers the best solutions of the moment. Our added value therefore lies above all in our ability to meet your needs by identifying the appropriate strategies and the best solutions available on the market at any given time to implement these strategies.

Our Vision of the Consulting Profession

Not depending on any supplier allows great freedom in terms of advice. No financial or real estate institution is present in the capital of the company, which allows us to freely select the investment products and services that precisely meet your needs. No exclusivity condition can be accepted in favor of a partner, whatever their field and level of competence.

Information from the Best Sources

Our status allows us to access information provided by independent organizations as well as services and presentations that the largest establishments in the area reserve only for wealth management professionals.

The Council at the center of the relationship

Consulting is at the heart of our business. Any personalized recommendation of investment solutions must go through a phase of listening and discovering your financial situation.

Explain rather than convince

We believe that an informed decision leads to a lasting and fruitful relationship. This is why we make every effort to ensure that the solutions chosen are those that suit you, but also so that you understand the essential characteristics.

Our Commitment by your side

The close relationship with our customers is based on mutual commitment and trust, reinforced by written commitments.

Combining Rigor and Creativity

A rigorous selection of investments and the optimization of regulatory systems allow us to offer you "turnkey" solutions, simple, quick to implement and efficient. But we can also submit sophisticated strategies to you to optimize a particular situation.

Privileged Contact

We are a company on a human scale and we have been practicing for many years in the sector of Wealth Management and Private Management. We want to establish a privileged relationship with each of our customers, and share our experience with you.

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