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Invest in data centers and capture the boom in digital infrastructure​

Investing in data centers is one of the most sought after sectors in the commercial real estate sector. The convergence of technologies and businesses is accelerating the demand for digital infrastructure - including data centers - on a scale never seen before. On the one hand, the appetite for instant access to networks, IT resources and big data has spread to almost all sectors of the economy, with corresponding demand for servers, storage, applications and configurable services. Added to this demand are advances in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and 5G broadband, which should drive more data traffic as our lives become more interconnected with smart devices and technology. real-time access to products, services and information. The scale of data center development today has become increasingly competitive and complex. But by taking a mature investment project management approach, businesses, developers and investors can find opportunities and gain competitiveness in the data center market.

ARQX Capital partners with investment companies in data centers, commercial real estate companies or colocation and cloud computing service providers to offer unparalleled offers. Access investment offers in data centers available on the Swiss or international market.

  • Existing data centers

Invest in existing data centers, including motorized shells, industrial and existing data centers. Investments vary depending on whether they are complete turnkey data centers or obsolete facilities that need to be modernized.

  • New data center under construction

Invest in data center construction projects to build new data centers. Contact us to learn more about plans to build new data centers.

  • Data center modernization​

Invest in data center modernization projects with funds allocated to modernize and upgrade existing data centers to meet current needs in space, energy, network and buildings.