Our philosophy

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Our Philosophy is based on two basic principles:

  • Management independence
  • Interaction with clients

An open architecture guarantees customers privileged access to the best products available, regardless of managers, designers or promoters. Customers benefit by enjoying greater freedom of management.

Thanks to regular interaction with its clients, ARQX Capital can adapt the portfolios at any time according to the requests and needs of each investor. This helps build a long-term relationship of trust between the investor, the company and its project.

In times of strong stock market fluctuations, our clients need a strong, reliable partner capable of meeting current challenges. As an independent wealth management company, we have no restrictions in product selection .

Our investment approach is to stick as closely as possible to the demands and objectives defined by our customers. Our challenge is to do everything to achieve these objectives. This involves effectively managing diversification, return and risk. To this end, ARQX Capital does not hesitate to diversify not only in terms of assets, but also in terms of currencies and geographic areas.

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